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Ownself moderate ownself

Post by Legend on 30th December 2015, 6:55 pm

Actually since this is going to be a free forum, can we ownself moderate ownself?

This is what I suggest.

At every thread, there will be a wols and offensive counter. maybe up to 10 or 20. So anyone who feel that post is wols/offensive, just click it, once the counter is up, that post will be autodeleted. So this will give power to the users here and require less mod.

Then there will be no merging of threads banning of users by admin/mods. Freedom to the users here.
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Re: Ownself moderate ownself

Post by LaughingKor on 30th December 2015, 8:13 pm

yes it sounds like a great idea. But one thing to note is that people from the other side are creating clones to mess up our forum, look at my 'cheesepie points' for example, kena zap until botak.

but it's a great idea, maybe we can improvise from there
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